Download Current and Historic Data

SNOW 4.0 Data Query and Download

To query the SNOW data, please fill in the following information and select the query button at the bottom of the page. For the current year of data, just select the district and course name and click 'Submit'.

If you would like to query the historical archive, check the appropriate box below and select the years to query. Please note that when querying the historical archive, the query will return the data for the operation years specified.

For example, choosing min = 1980 and max = 1986 the resulting table will include data from the operation year 1980-1981 through 1985-1986. Early 1980 (Jan. - May) and late 1986 (Oct. - Dec.) data will not be included.

If you have problems with this page, or need help with the data, please Contact Me . It is my intent to continue to update the options for this page as time permits, so suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Available Data Summary Sheets

For a complete list of courses and date ranges available in the historical database, have a look at the Historical Data Summary pdf.

To check and see what data has been submitted and is available for download from the current operation year, go over to the current year summary table

SDI plots and Currently Entered Data

If you would like to view the entered data for a specific course or plot the current SDI against the historic Minimum, Maximum and Average without downloading, please have a look at the current year of data here .

Select the District and Snowcourse:

For Historical Data, Fill in the following:
Check here to confirm that you would like to query the historical archive of data
Select the upper and lower bounds for the years to query (note: not all courses will have data for the full range of years - only available data will be returned).
Click here if you are interested in downloading all historic data, with summary statistics and location lookup tables.

Note: some people have reported an error when opening the resulting file directly in Excel. To avoid this error, save the file locally on your computer and open it as you would a regular excel file. I'm working on a solution to this.